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My Life with Scarves, Part II


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My Life with Scarves, Part II

Scottie Kersta-Wilson

When last we spoke, I brought up the subject of using silk as the medium upon which I print my images. This change from photo paper to watercolor paper and finally to silk happened as my photographs and photocollages became more focused on Southeast Asia - the Philippines and Vietnam specifically - and I began examining the fabrics, textures, and hanging manner of their art. The vertical and horizontal panoramas and panels were of particular interest, since each one seemed to tell a complete story - a distinct narrative.

This silk piece tells the story of travelers who meet on the Silk Road in the 9th century, and specifically how Buddhism was introduced into China. Having my images printed on silk gives me a way to convey stories that can be looked at, touched, worn, and retold. I like that my artwork doesn't have to hang traditionally on a wall or be a page in a book. A Daughter Returns: Joss Sticks is just one example of a story my pieces can tell.