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About ImageDiary

 Headshots and Product shots are by  Melissa Morley   Videos are by Jasmine Cen at  or  @jasminecenz

Headshots and Product shots are by Melissa Morley

Videos are by Jasmine Cen at or @jasminecenz

I am Scottie Kersta-Wilson, a Chicago-based artist and designer. I created to tell my story and that of my family. To consider my military and war-filled history feels imperative to me. I need a place to meld my writing and photography, which feels inseparable to me anyway. Storytelling, whether in words or images or a combination of both, is how I learn and is a gift I can give. For the most part, my storytelling is about war - its destruction, beauty, unintended consequences, and inevitability. I cannot separate my military bloodline from my being any more than I can change my eye color. History is full of stories of military conquest. I hope that mine, told in my fabrics, can add something to the tale and take away from the misery.

I'd like to share American philosopher, writer, and soldier, J. Glenn Gray's statement, “There is a popular conviction that war and battle are the sphere of ugliness, and, since aesthetic delight is associated with the beautiful, it may be concluded that war is the natural enemy of the aesthetic. I fear that this is in large part an illusion. Along with beauty, war attracted the fascination that manifestations of power and magnitude hold for the human spirit . . . an awareness of power that far surpasses his limited imagination.”

In my Blog, I tell of specific incidents that inform my visual decisions.