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My Ma* Hates Mother's Day

Scottie Kersta-Wilson

Can you believe that the mother of this somewhat charming and attractive crew really really hates Mother's Day?

Ma with her five lovely and doting children

Ma with her five lovely and doting children

She has a theory that a guilty child fabricated The Day in order to have a pressing reason to call his or her mother. And she suspects that said child has stock in Hallmark.

As a single parent who raised us for 50 years, she's of the opinion that every day should be Mother's Day. As one of the five she raised, I can't say that I blame her.** So, we do our best throughout the year to show her we care; we call, we write, we visit, and on Mother's Day we make sure she has a card and a little gift, whether it's new washer, new mailbox, a bit of jewelry from the fabulous Texas jeweler James Avery,*** or even a piece of wearable art from her favorite eldest daughter. Because for all her disdain, she knows it's the official Mother's Day.

I guess what I'm saying, is that every day is a day to celebrate mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, and all helpers of anyone. But be sure you don't forget them on Mother's Day. And from our family to yours, Happy Mother's Day!

* She also hates "Ma", so I use it whenever possible

** Not that we were horrible children by any means

*** Running a great "buy two charms and get the bracelet or necklace free" promo